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Boost your business with Wafii.

Get discovered by new customers and reward your existing ones.

Over 150 businesses use Wafii to increase their sales and keep their customers happy!

How it works

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Get discovered.

Get discovered on our advanced explore page by customers that are looking for you.

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Reward your customers and attract new ones in the easiest way possible.


Average increase in basket size

Customers spend more when they feel they will be rewarded.


Average increase in conversion.

Get more conversions by turning explorers into buyers.


Increase in recurring sales.

Customers are more likely to come back knowing they will get rewarded at your store.

Grow your business.


Grow your revenue and reward your customers.

Be featured on our explore page so our users, always looking for new offers and businesses to discover, find you. Then keep your customers happy with meaningful rewards & offers to increase repeat purchases.

Gain Valuable Insights and Data.

Wafii enables you to collect valuable data about your business that will help you monitor and grow it confidently.


Gain a Marketing Partner.

Wafii is your Marketing partner too. With our direct communication channel, you can effectively let customers know about your latest updates. Our other social social media and communication capabilities will also be utilised to promote your business and its offers.

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