Top Up Using Bank Al Etihad

This is a guide on how to top up your Wafii Card using Bank Al Etihad

Bank Details

Account Name


Account Number


Step 1 : Add Wafii as a Beneficiary in the Bank Al Etihad App (guide in how to do that can be found below)

Step 2 : Go to Payments

Step 3 : Choose Bank Transfer

Step 4 : Choose Saved Beneficiary

Step 5 : Choose your source account

Step 6 : Choose Wafii Card

Step 7 : Choose Jordanian Dinar

Step 8 : Enter Amount to Transfer

Step 9 : Enter reference ID provided in the Wafii App

Step 10 : Complete the transfer, you should see the amount appear in your Wafii card within 5 minutes.

How to add Wafii as a beneficiary in Bank Al Etihad app :

1 – Click on Payment

2 – Choose Manage Beneficiaries

3- Click on Add Beneficiary

4 – Choose Internal

5 – Add the account details provided in the Wafii app for Full Name and Account Number